Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Liv Biv!

On June 24th, 2012 Livy turned 1 year old. Pretty crazy right!?! We have had so much fun watching her grow and develop this year and feel so happy to be her parents. Her little personality seems to become more distinct each day and we can already imagine how her somewhat defiant and stubborn little personality will help her accomplish amazing things. She is so loving and passionate and we really admire that about her.

Here are some of our favorite things Livy has done(and continues to do)this year: 
Binky kisses-Landon puts the back of the binky in his mouth, leans in, and Livy brings her little face to his to suck on it and take it. Too precious.
Kisses- Livy's slobbery open mouth kisses. Sounds gross, but is seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.
Squishy faces- Livy is pretty expressive and we love seeing her dramatic little faces.
Snuggling baby- Livy loves to snuggle with her baby doll. She started sleeping with the doll, and picks her up constantly.
Filling her stroller/walker with anything but her dolls- Livy loves to load her stroller with mega blocks, balls, puzzle pieces, or dinosaurs and take them around for a stroll.
Walking- Livy has been walking pretty well for the last couple weeks. She walks around with her little hands in front of her like a zombie. Who doesn't love that?
Reading- I often find Livy sitting by the bookshelf flipping through her picture/board books in a sweet and content manner. She especially loves to read them upside-down, or so it seems.
Swimming- Livy love love loves the beach. She crawls and walks right into the waves and unfortunately has experienced several mouth-fulls of murky Lake Washington water. Yuck!

A few weeks ago Livy's Grandma Jones, and aunts(Sami and Jenn) threw a super fun first birthday party, which we all enjoyed so much! We also loved seeing Tyson, Liz, Allison, and Ariel at the party, along with all the cutie cousins, and appreciate the gifts so much! It was a perfect summer water party and we loved being there. Livy and I were spoiled and got to visit with Papa and Grandma for the week and spend some time with Aunt Jenn before she left on her mission(She is serving as a missionary for our church.  She will be visiting and teaching the people of Costa Rica about Christ for the next 18 months! Awesome right!). Thanks again, we really loved seeing you and being there. We packed the week with so many fun things. Here are some photos from her party.
We went to a Bee's Game! Livy loved walking around with Papa.

We also went to the zoo, which was pretty awesome, especially Rocky Shores. Polar bears, seals,and sea lions, oh my! And check out this tiger cooling off in this pool. Epic right!