Thursday, October 27, 2011

Natalie and the Glory Days

Yesterday one of my very best friends, Natalie Christensen, went into the MTC(Missionary Training Center) She has chosen to go on a mission for our church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Taiwan. I talk more about what a mission is in a post about my brother.

I know Natalie will be a wonderful missionary, she has so much concern for people and always tries to be the best person she can be. We always joke about how motherly Natalie is. When we were roommates, with Caitlin and Katrina(best un-married year ever, Landon calls them the glory days...ha ha) Natalie always made sure I was safe and in bed at a reasonable time. If I was out really late, sometimes she would text me to make sure I was okay(sweetest ever) or if I fell asleep on the couch, floor, in the hallway, stretched out between two beds, or any other place, she would make sure I made it to my bed. One time I woke up in the middle of the night when some crazy alarm went off, that I never use, and I was terrified, acting crazy, and kind of breathing hard. I guess I just woke up really abruptly and it scared me pretty bad. Natalie was so sweet, she came over to me, calmed me down, and even gave me a kiss on the top of the head, besties right. She was always so motherly, especially when she had just woken up.

She also has always been so kind and willing to serve at any time, I mean I don't know how many times she took me to the store or helped me complete something I was stressing out about. And she really is the sweetest ever. Natalie always made me feel so good about myself. She is so uplifting and makes you feel like you are the greatest, sweetest, most funny, most thoughtful, most stylish person ever. And she is so genuine. I really miss her a lot.

Natalie is also totally fun. Natalie is so funny and I always love spending time with her. I love how honest she is, especially about potentially awkward or embarrassing things involving her. She always has something so hilarious/embarrassing to share that had recently happened. There were so many times I would walk into the Moa and she would say something like, "I don't have a lot of time to talk, but later I have to tell you something that happened to me today, so embarrassing!"

One time, during the glory days, the roommates and I decided we would go to our ward's(our church group) opening social or family night together. We get there, and it was kind of weird. We were sitting in the bishop's front yard, in a circle, nobody looked familiar, then all of sudden, Caitlin leans over to me and says, "I don't think this is our ward!" Oh man it was so funny, we had already been to church twice, the bishop's really did look similar! We slowly got up, grabbed a brownie, said we had to leave early, and got out of there. We spent the rest of the night sharing a giant plate of nachos at El Azteca and listening to Tiny Dancer on the way home, oh the glory days.

Caitlin's wedding, and Katrina being awesome.

Oh this is just the bestie roommates at Caitlin's bridal shower.

Hanging out in the kitchen, like we usually were, while J-boy and Caitlin were probably trying to have some alone time.

And all the good times with Allison too, Allison became part of the glory days midway through the year and her, Natalie and I became such close pals. I mean, who could forget that summer i nannied, when Allison, Natalie, and Trevor all came over and we would always hang out in my room, because I didn't really have an apartment. It was so fun, like the time we watched seven pounds together and maybe I cried at the end. Don't worry I didn't forget about you Trev-man, Natalie and I would always talk about how awesome you were and are, and how we hoped you liked us and weren't just annoyed about how crazy and loud we were all the time. Or the time when you guys came to visit me when I was nannying for my sister in laws sister, best friends ever!
Oh and we can't forget about all the sleepovers at her parents house in the basement, we always joked that it was like we were still in high school. Thanks to Natalie's parents for being understanding, we were always way too loud.

On our round trip together, when we never found the sun tunnels. Bummer.

trevor took these 3 above. what a pro. Visit his blog to see how awesome he is.

Natalie is not in this one, but I really love this picture of Trevor and me.

I also would have to include Steve and Ariel, and don't worry your totally included too Matt, it was wonderful to have you guys there the night before we moved. We feel so lucky to have such great besties. Neils and Trevor too, thanks for coming.

I am so happy to have such kind, real, and genuine friends. Natalie and so many others have really felt like family to me. And Landon and I always talk about how much we miss you guys. Here is just a little reminiscing about Natalie. Totes the sweetest ever.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just for Cuteness.

A few nights ago Livy was trying so hard to roll onto her tummy, but she just could not quite figure out how to get there with her little arm stuck underneath her. She wore herself right out. Landon and I really put the pressure on too. We were so excited and wanted her to do it so bad, especially because while Landon was here. Its okay though, she was so close and so adorable. We are so proud of our little squish.

Lately Livy has been all about holding books all be herself. Yesterday while we were reading stories, she held one side of her book with her left hand, while I held the other, and she tried to push the pages to get to the next with her other hand. Its so fun to see her have more control over her hands and start to develop those motor skills. I really love this short video because she is making a face like, "come on mom, I am just trying to read." What a little grown up.

Here are a couple more pictures of our sweetness.

The cuteness is too much to handle!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend with the Joneses: Day 2

First thing Friday morning we went to the Arboretum to go on a family walk/jog, and when I say first thing I mean 10:00 or right! The park was amazing, like always, and this time we found some new trails to explore. Landon wove us in and out of winding dirt paths until we finally found our way to the bridge we had visited last time.
I do have to admit, I may have been worried Landon didn't know where he was going and thought we might to get lost, but we made it and saw some great scenery along the way. Great job Landon, I never should have doubted you.

Liv Biv slept through most of it, like usual.

Oh here's Tyson just being a pro photographer.

We also found this secret playground, so fun.

And I really love how this pond has lily pads, but I have not seen a single frog yet. Come on, where are they?

After the Arboretum we went to Snoqualmie falls. Oh they were so epic. I was expecting something much smaller, like a 10 foot water fall at the end of a hike, but they were much much better. It was foggy, so they were sort of hard to see, but still amazing and definitely worth the trip.

After the falls we took a scenic route to Bob's Corn farm, a hidden gem north of Seattle. I loved it, it reminded me so much of Albany, with the trees and the curvy roads. Bob's Corn is a corn and pumpkin farm with free hay rides, an enormous pumpkin patch(with white pumpkins too, well a few) and several other fun fall activites and treats. The cider was great, but my one complaint is they didn't have those sugar doughnuts that go with cider. You know, the ones you can only get around Halloween at local Pumpkin Farms. I still have only seen them on the East Coast, but Bob's said they should have them next year. Anyway, its an adorable, and affordable farm that I would absolutely recommend.

Oh and on a funny note, Landon and I went to Bob's again with some friends this weekend, after it had rained a lot and it was so so so muddy. We were cracking up because we were tip toing in our vans and sperry's while everyone else was wearing, as my dad would call it, their mucking boots. It was funning and I was really regreting that I hadn't worn mine. Also funny, when my Dad saw my rainboots for the first time, he said something like, "I hope you didn't pay more than 3 dollars for those!" but I did. Love my Dad, and he's probably right, I should have gotten them for a lot cheaper...but they are so cute. I have gotten great use out of them too.(And it always saves to buy boots in kids)

Back to Bob's Corn with the Joneses, we all enjoyed this little escape from the big city and were so happy we found it.

I love how Kennedy is trying to jump out of the side. Too cute and crazy!!

Oh we just love Livy's face in this picture and Livy loves Grandma!

What a good Papa.

Gotta have a myspace pic.

We had a blast!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend with the Joneses: Day 1

Last Thursday morning at about 6:30am in the morning, Landon's parents(Layne and Jeannine), his brother Tyson and his family(Sami, Cameron, and Kennedy), and his sister Jenn arrived for a long weekend at our house. We loved it. We were up all night, so anxious for them to arrive! They drove 14 hours through the night, and we were so happy they made it safe. We had a wonderful weekend together and here are some things we did the first day of their trip.

1. That morning after playing with the kids and reading some hilarious kids books(that Cam could not even get enough of), like "Don't let the pigeon ride the bus" and "Goodnight goon," we were off to downtown to get lunch and find a suit for Tyson. It felt like it took forever to find parking(I was so hungry), but we finally parked and went to Ivars for fish and chips. They are so good. I am not really a big fried foods person, but their cod is so good, mmmmm so delicious.

Here is badorable little Kennedy, I just could not get enough of her sweet little voice.

2. Next we went to H&M to find Tyson a suit. Tyson found a very handsome suit by the way, I should have taken a picture.(I want to get it for bad and we also really love this wool suit) The kids were too cute hiding under the clothes, and Cam and Kennedy had to have a turn holding Olivia. It was fun and we love having an H&M here!

I had to get a picture of this cute little bum!

Cameron is such a good cousin. Livy adores him and could not stop looking at him and playing with him.

We had a lot of fun walking around downtown too. We walked through pikes on our way to H&M. Its so fun being in a big city, sometimes I can't believe we are so close to everything.

3. We went to Madsion park after visiting downtown. We really like the playground equipment, it is so fun and unique. The swings are my favorite, but Jen and I had a lot of fun on some crazy spinning toy, it got a little out of control. Liv Biv even enjoyed the park, I think it was one of the few activities she was awake for this weekend. Cameron could not get over this zip-line/swing kind of thing. It looked super fun, and yeah I really wanted to try it, but there were too many kids who wanted turns. Anyway, we love Madison Park and we had a splendid time.

We were all cracking up when we saw Layne in this baby swing! What a character.

Landon loves hanging out with little Kennedy, and he ran right up that statue to sit on it! What a man. That might sound easy, but I tried to when no one was really looking and I wasn't even close to making it to the top. Good thing no one really noticed. Embarrassing.

4. That night we made Halloween Graham Cracker Houses!!! This is a tradition my family did every year. I mean lets face it, Halloween candy is way better than Christmas candy, and whats more fun a boring Christmas house or a haunted house. Duh, a haunted house. I was so excited to do this and I planned weeks in advance. Confessions, maybe I looked at a bunch of ideas online and made a spooky Halloween playlist just for that night. I even told Landon that if we did not get to make them, I might die.

Well we did make them, and everyone was so fun and got pretty into it. Thanks for sharing this tradition with me Joneses! It even got a little competitive. I didn't think anyone was as competitive as the Adamsons(Mom included), but the Joneses are pretty close. And they definitely win the perfectionist award. I mean Layne and Jeannine's house even had beams and scaffolding for support, and Jenn's was perfect, so neat. I feel a little bit bad, I got so into it I did not really let Landon help. I just had so many ideas. Sorry Lander Bander, but he did make some pretty awesome/spooking tombstones and a coffin for the yard.

We had a wonderful time and they all turned out so cute and unique...I mean scary. We usually would pass them out to the neighbors, but we sort of waited too long and with the humidity they got kind of soft...gross. But its okay, Jeannine got all the girls cute Halloween cookie cutters, so I think I will do sugar cookies instead. Anyway, it was fun and here is a cute example I found online. Give it a try!

Tyson and Sami made this one. We love the green slime, so creative Ty.

Jenn made the secret window house, cornfield included.

This is Layne and Jeannine's

This was our house.

We had a wonderful day packed with so many fun things!