Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So advanced...

Livy rolled over for the first time today! It happened this morning when I put her down for tummy time. She just rolled over on her back, and then did it about 8 more times after that. So cute, but when we tried to show papa and grandma on g-chat she just sat lying there. What a pill, but we love her anyway.

Landon and I always joke about how advanced Livy is, even though we don't really know what is "advanced" for a baby anyway. She's the best baby in the world okay. Done and done.


  1. "Ohh, a little bit scary!"

    haha, so funny! Love how she clutched onto the blanket as she was turning over. Love her.

  2. Yup. She'll be driving next week, and in Law School a year behind her daddy. No doubt!!!

  3. i feel so special i got to witness livy's mad rolling skills IN PERSON. so fun to hang out with you guys!! i'll be blog-stalking from now on :)