Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living in Seattle

Well we are in Seattle now and we are really enjoying it. Landon's sweet parents, Layne and Jeannine, helped us move and stayed with us our first few days in Captial Hill. We had so much fun with them. One of their last nights here we had seafood at a fun restaurant on the Peir called The Crab Pot. It was a little hard to crack open, but definitely worth it and so tasty.

We are just about moved in now and Seattle is starting to feel like home. Landon has been in school for almost two weeks. He really likes it and enjoys the material and discussions, even though the sacratic method can be quite nerve racking. I have really enjoyed putting the house togehter and spending time with Olivia. Olivia is becoming so animated and is starting to show her little personality more and more each day. I have tons of pictures that I know several members of the family and friends are waiting to see, so I will get crackin' and post them.

We love and miss you all. We really appreciate the help we recieved while moving, from family and friends, and are excited to keep you all connected through this blog. Now you can keep up with the Joneses and know what's going on!

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