Thursday, January 31, 2013


Vroom Vroom

Doctor Jones

Livy loves her new doctor kit from Cameron and Kennedy! 

Christmas Morning!

Uninterested and overwhelmed are the best ways I can describe Livy's first reaction to Christmas morning, until she opened her play food! Eating her banana, and the Stir fry Wok were a pretty big hit!  
As always my favorite Christmas tradition was hearing the Night Before Christmas from my Dad the night before.  And this year he gave all the kids a copy with his voice recording! 


This year Livy was a little lamb for Halloween.  We also had party at our house for some of her toddler friends, and although it was crowed, we had a lot of fun.  We enjoyed tricker-treating with her cute little pal Danton, the fireman, too.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reminiscing: Dreamy Dreamy Hawaii

Several months ago, Landon's sweet parents took the whole family to Hawaii! We are definitely too spoiled, and so grateful to Layne and Jeannine for such a wonderful trip.  This was our first time leaving Livy overnight, but she loved staying with Uncle Dave and Aunt Tiffani. They we're so nice to watch her. We actually had a difficult time picking her up because she had become so attached.  Livy stayed busy and enjoyed non-stop attention from cousins. She even learned how to dip Oreos in milk, which is of course a necessary skill:) Here are a few pictures of us watching baseball/soccer games and getting together with my family in Spokane before we left Livy. 

After crying our way home too Seattle(missing the little squish), we finished packing for our trip and boarded our flight for Kauai, Hawaii! Although we missed Livy, flying without a baby was so nice.  Our first stop was Bubba Burgers. And it was pretty delicious. Everything is better in Hawaii.  Seriously.

Something really funny had happened before we took this picture, but when you wait 5 months to write a blog post you just can't remember all the details. 

After dinner we watched the sunset at Hanalei Bay. So beautiful. This is Landon with the Napali coast in the background.  Of course everything we saw made me want to watch Jurassic Park. Too epic. 


The next morning we hiked to Queen's bath. It was amazing, and possibly my favorite part of the trip. But it's to hard to choose, all the scenery was much too wonderful and diverse.

Oh and we saw Sea turtles! Cute right! We actually jumped out in OPEN OCEAN somewhere around here to swim with them, which is a big deal for Landon's sister Jen and me.  We're both TERRIFIED of sharks.  It was awesome, but tricky getting back up on the rocks. 

Here is Queen's bath! The tide was low, so it wasn't as deep as usual, but it was still so pretty. We had a lot of fun swimming in different pools and inlets. 

Landon and Tyson went cliff diving. So brave. 

Well I better get to bed, so I'll try to finish sharing the rest of our trip throughout this week.  

Friday, September 21, 2012


I know Livy is making a weird face in this picture, but she adores her little friend Danton. They are always holding hands and giving hugs... or knocking each other over.  Too adorable right!